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Labster CEO featured on LearningDust Podcast

October 11, 2022

LearningDust is a podcast that aims to promote harmonious relationships between teachers, technicians, and leadership teams in schools. Their motto - pedagogy and technology in harmony - refers to the aspiration that teachers and 'techies' can work with, rather than against each other.

Co-hosts Dave and Andy interviewed Labster CEO Michael Bodekaer Jensen about all things Labster. Check out some of the highlights below and then listen to the episode for the rest of the conversation.

Q. What does Labster look like in the classroom and how are teachers using it

(05:15-5:40) (Michael) -  A simple analogy, though it’s a lot more complex could be pilot training and flight simulators. To train pilots we can dramatically reduce costs and we can also allow pilots to practice the most difficult parts multiple times like landing, or landing in bad weather conditions, and these types of advantages we can really bring into science education. 

Q. How do you design simulations?

(14:27 - 14:37) (Michael) You can create a super engaging storyline around this, and really make the students truly passionate about that to the point that they’re like “I have to solve this, I have to learn this to solve this important critical challenge.

Q. What can you say about Labster in 30 seconds?

(47:24 - 48:04) (Michael) - Labster is backed in science research and is a product that is carefully designed together with educators, techies, learning science research experts, and game designer research experts in mind. We have numerous research studies that are peer-reviewed and published for example even in Nature Magazine that shows almost doubling of the learning outcomes for the students with the same amount of time spent while at the same time empowering the educators with less workload and giving them the time back so that they can really empower their students and really meet their students' needs.

If you enjoyed these highlights, listen to the full podcast!

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