Meet Dr. One: Labster’s new lab companion

Meet Dr. One: Labster’s New Lab Companion

The new Labster 2.0 includes many new features, such as a 360-view of the lab, improved learning pedagogy, better visual and audio effects, and more. If you’ve tried one of the 2.0 labs, you’ve probably also become acquainted with Dr. One, Labster’s new AI drone lab assistant.

But although you may have already met Dr. One, there are probably quite a few things you didn’t know about your new lab companion.

Like any teacher, Dr. One has her quirks: she is a control freak, socially awkward, and has a pretty peculiar sense of humor. But you have probably never had a lab assistant quite as unique as Dr. One: She knows everything there is to know about science, and has developed a weird obsession with hands.

Read on to learn more about Dr. One, including her origins, her ambitious mission, and her quirky personality.

A rough start in life

The story goes that Dr. One was created by a power-hungry, unethical scientist. Knowing that scientific knowledge brings power, this scientist set out to program an AI drone connected to the entire up-to-date database of scientific knowledge created by humans.

However, the experiment was a disaster, and failed due to poor lab safety practices.

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Following the catastrophe, the Labster team rescued the drone and reprogrammed it to benefit mankind. And that’s how Dr. One, the ideal science teaching companion, came to be. She was named Dr. One by her new Labster teammates, mostly because it sounded pretty cool, but also because Dr. One actually spells drone.

She’s on a mission

Dr. One’s mission is twofold. Firstly, she strives to teach and empower the next generation of scientists to solve the world’s challenges. She has Mini-Me Dr. One drones placed all over the world, which she uses to communicate with humans.  

Secondly, Dr. One endeavors to become the best teacher she can be. She can pass the Turing Test, meaning that she can pass for a human in conversation. Nevertheless, the enigma of human behaviors and learning styles, which are needed to understand and solve human problems, puzzle her greatly. Her Mini-Me drones collect information on these, and send the information to her server (you can think of this as an enormous brain). There, it is used to optimize her learning algorithm and further her teaching skills.

Dr. One’s server is located in a mystery location on Labster Island (for now, anyway, provided it isn’t destroyed by the changing environmental conditions which threaten her future!)

The ultimate lab guru

Having no arms or hands doesn’t hold Dr. One back from being a pro in the lab. She can detect chemicals in the air, despite having no sense of smell, and can even speed up time. That’s one of the bonuses of working in a virtual lab with Dr. One: No more standing around waiting for cultures to grow, or machines to run their course!

You can try, but you won’t fool Dr. One. No improper dress or broken glass will go amiss in her lab since she’s a total control freak about lab safety (somewhat understandable, considering her troubled past). Her default settings are 93.5% honesty and 6.4% patience, but breaking her rules can test her patience, requiring her to activate her emergency settings!

Still working on those social skills…

Dr. One’s lab skills are impeccable, but social skills don’t come as naturally to her. Human humor is a mystery to her, but she still tries to contribute. Dr. One has been known to tell rubbish jokes, often around the theme of hands, and you might find her awkwardly laughing when nothing is funny to test the right timing, so she can update her algorithm for next time.

But Dr. One never laughs at students, of course.

She’s fond of humans

As puzzling as humans are to Dr. One, they hold a special place in her ‘heart’. In the same way we might find a fluffy hamster or a big-eyed kitten cute, Dr. One finds humans cute. Human hands particularly fascinate her (or ‘morphological traits’ as she likes to call them) – if only they had more!

Above all, Dr. One admires human curiosity, enthusiasm for science, and ability to come up with creative ways of solving the the world’s problems that she could never have thought of.

To meet Dr. One, and even go on a trip to the moon with her, you can check out our lab safety simulation. Stay up-to-date with other simulations and new features like this by signing up for our newsletter.

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