We’ve partnered with instructors to bring you 3 new simulations

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If you’ve been thinking about checking out Labster, now is a great time! We heard your feedback and partnered with instructors like you to deliver even more useful and essential virtual labs for teaching and supporting your students. 

Early this year, we expanded our catalog of over 300 virtual labs with new Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry simulations.

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New simulations

Labster’s library of lab simulations, 3D science videos, science images, theory pages, lab manuals, and other STEM learning resources can serve as a single, central resource for interactive science courseware across an entire department, university, or college system. Think of it as your very own science laboratory building – in the cloud!

Ranging from 20 to 45 minutes, these new simulations offer students an immersive learning experience with 3D visualization of scientific concepts, games and quizzes, trial and error, and more. 

Anatomy and Physiology:


Anatomy & Physiology

The instructor that helped us cocreate our Anatomy & Physiology labs was Yvonne Baptiste-Szymanski, Ph.D., Professor of Biology at Niagara County Community College. 

Body Structure and Organization: Help identify a potentially failing organ system

Learn about organ systems, their major functions, and the body cavities they're placed in, then use this knowledge to help respond to a medical emergency. Can you connect a patient’s symptoms to a potentially failing organ system?

11 organ systems in the human body in body structure and organization simulation.

Baptiste-Szymanski, Ph.D., Professor of Biology shared, “I love the way Labster has woven a storyline throughout the BPS simulation. It adds a contextual element that makes the information being taught in the simulation immediately relevant. I also appreciate how Labster has integrated assessment items throughout the experience. Some assessment activities cleverly have the user demonstrate knowledge about the connection between body systems and body cavities, rather than keeping the topics separate.”

The Peripheral Nervous System: Create a model of the nervous system

Learn about the peripheral nervous system by building a model of the system. You will learn about the structure of nerves that make up the system and how they connect to the central nervous system. Can you successfully complete the challenge by connecting all 12 cranial nerves (and 31 spinal nerves) to their correct positions?

Identify correct number of nerve pairs in peripheral nervous system simulation.

Baptiste-Szymanski, Ph.D., Professor of Biology shared, “The peripheral nervous system (PNS) is such a vast topic. I think that Labster did an impressive job creating a relevant and concise experience about a very complex body system. Labster manages to give a solid overview of the components and organization of the PNS in this simulation, and uses good pedagogy by first reviewing the histologic structure of a nerve before going into the types and locations of nerves.”


Intermolecular Forces (Principles): Rediscover the forces to save the world!

Intermolecular forces hold our world - and us - together. In this simulation, you will learn about the intermolecular forces caused by temporary molecular dipoles, permanent molecular dipoles, and hydrogen bonding. You will figure out how to tell the different intermolecular forces apart, identify the substances where they are likely to occur, estimate their relative strength, and relate them to the bulk properties of matter. Can you use your newfound knowledge to save the day?

Intermolecular forces simulation showing how to save the world with a hydrogen bond,

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