Principles to Boost Student Learning with Dr. Schechter

Labster hosted a “Science of Learning” webinar with Dr. Rachel Schechter, Ph.D.; she explains how new research in the field of Learning Sciences shows that a few key learning strategies and tools can make the difference between “uh huh …” and “aha!” moments.

Dr. Schechter’s firm, LXD Research, partners with school districts and companies to conduct research on the relationship between program implementation and student achievement. 

Key takeaways:

What are learning sciences?

It’s a relatively new field. All the recent achievements and advancements have enabled us to understand how we learn and how the brain is connected and related to how we learn in a way that just was not possible before. 

Learning sciences research resources

  • Digital Promise has created a certification system to help school leaders know which products are genuinely based on learning sciences. Labster has earned this certification, which fewer than 1% of edtech tools in the U.S. have received.

  • Learner Variability Navigator is a free online tool that translates the science of learner variability into factors and strategies to improve educational product design and classroom practice. These are research-based factors about how students learn.

Essential conditions for leveraging educational technology.

  • Ever wonder how you can implement tech into the classroom? The ISTE Essential Conditions are the 14 critical elements necessary to leverage technology for learning effectively. Some examples are Equitable Access, Student-Centered Learning, and Curriculum Framework.

Get ready to use Labster

  • Labster’s simulations align with NGSS standards for AP, IP, and beyond. They don’t just address those skills; virtual labs also relate to real-world scenarios. 

  • Are you considering if you’re ready to take the next step in bringing more learning science resources into your classroom? We created a checklist for you!

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  • The Digital Promise Learning Variability Navigator  

  • The ISTE Essential Conditions 

  • Labster’s "Are You Ready?” Checklist

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