New Simulation Quiz Editor Tool Offers Customization & Personalization

Ginelle Testa

Personalized learning is becoming increasingly important, especially at a time when instructors are worrying about students cheating with AI. At Labster, we have an important announcement that’s a solution to this problem and tackles many others as well: we’ve released a customization tool that allows educators to personalize their simulation quiz questions.


Importance of Personalized Learning

In the ever-changing realm of education, personalized learning has emerged as a powerful driver of student engagement and academic achievement. Traditional assessments have fallen short in meeting the diverse needs of learners. They overlook individual strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, stifling progress and enthusiasm for learning. 

Today’s options allow students to attempt shortcuts and cheat their way through the course. It’s time to reimagine assessment to empower students to thrive. 

Virtual labs have already transformed education by providing immersive environments for scientific exploration. Now imagine the possibilities when we integrate customized assessments into these virtual labs. It’s an opportunity to unleash a student’s full potential like never before—a chance to nurture a sense of ownership and ignite a true passion for mastering knowledge. 

Benefits of Labster’s Simulation Quiz Editor Tool

It allows educators to: 

  • Customize simulations according to their specific learning objectives
  • Customize according to the unique needs of their learners, therefore making content more inclusive
  • Make it harder for students to cheat as they can not look up answers to custom questions

How to Access

Here are some screen captures of the new tool that is now available to all Labster educators:

Here’s an FAQ for the Customized Quiz Editor. 

Check out our fall 2023 product webinar, where we dive deeper into the Quiz Editor tool!
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