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Wondering what exactly Labster can do for your classes and students? Get the facts from research published in Nature Biotechnology and BMC Medical Education.Student understanding of course content improved significantly when traditional lectures were supplemented by virtual labs. In fact, student achievement of learning outcomes doubled when they used virtual labs in conjunction with traditional instruction compared to attending lectures exclusively.


In other words, students learn more than 2x as much when they have access to Labster virtual labs than they do with traditional instruction on its own.When one group of a sample of students was given a knowledge-based test after a lecture, and another group took the same test after learning the same content through Labster, the virtual lab group scored 76% higher than the group that attended the lecture.


Labster simulations teach content more effectively than traditional lecture-based instruction and enhance student performance on assessments. Disengaged students present a universal challenge in education. STEM education, in particular, suffers when students are uninterested in coursework, as a lack of student academic interest contributes to a growing deficit of competent graduates in STEM-related fields.Virtual labs can help solve this problem: playing a Labster virtual lab increased student interest in course content for 97% of students.


Labster simulations help students not only to engage with the material but also to develop a genuine interest in the subject matter of their courses, which could be part of the solution to the growing deficit of employable graduates in STEM fields.Using a virtual learning platform allows students to explore equipment and scenarios that are too costly, dangerous, or rare to experience in real life. It also allows students to visualize phenomena that would otherwise be unobservable.


93% of students agreed that learning through a Labster virtual lab that resembles work in the real field increased their motivation in the course.  Labster increases student motivation and self-efficacy by allowing students to learn the material in an applied, practical context. Labsteralso allows students to envision potential career paths more accurately, and practice skills that are important for work in the real world, but difficult to teach in a lecture setting.


After using Labster, 78% of students reported increased confidence in career-relevant skills than after learning the same content from a textbook. Incorporating Labster into traditional instruction introduces students to applied skills in a real-world context, helping them bridge the gap between classroom theory and real-world practice.

What is Labster?

A million-dollar lab, one click away. Students learn twice as much with Labster. Make science come to life anytime, anywhere, without the costs and constraints of a traditionalscience lab. Labster is an online resource that allows students to perform interactive experiments in a virtual laboratory. Labster offers 200+ virtual labs that can be used in conjunction with traditional instruction or independently to build conceptual understanding of diverse biological topics.

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