Sci-Fi Your Science Classroom: Teach with Aliens, Gravity, and Hostile Planets

Ginelle Testa

Whether aliens invade a city or a stranded scientist needs to escape a distant hostile planet, sci-fi is undoubtedly fun. Not only does it stir up the imagination, but this genre also allows us to think about technology, science, and space in our not-so-distant future. Science fiction can be a great educational tool, as it gets us to reflect on how we interact with all these aspects of our universe.

This is why we’ve combined sci-fi with learning! Labster has released six virtual lab simulations in the sci-fi realm that span chemistry, earth science, physics, and space science. High school students can learn about practical scientific concepts like the Coriolis effect, physical and chemical changes, and the universal law of gravitation in a unique gamified way. 

Here are six of the simulations we released this summer. 

Chemistry Virtual Labs

Physical and Chemical Changes: Escape the hostile planet!

Become the master of physical and chemical transformations to help a stranded scientist escape a hostile planet. In this simulation, you will learn how to classify a transformation as physical or chemical. Apply this knowledge by diving deep into some interesting examples of both changes — and prove yourself as a scientist!


Elements and Compounds: Get the oxygen back online!

Learn the definitions of elements and compounds and use your new knowledge to get oxygen production back online in a malfunctioning spaceship before it's too late! You’ll learn to classify any substance as molecular or monatomic and as an element or a compound. Your spaceship is running low on air, and understanding these keywords is the only way you’ll be able to get the ship’s systems unlocked and back online. 


Chemistry & Physics Virtual Lab

Mixtures: Homogeneous or heterogeneous?

You have landed on an alien world! In this simulation, you will learn about mixtures and compounds in order for you and your companion to survive. You will find a few combinations you think you can drink. Then you need to determine if these mixtures are safe to drink. Can you survive long enough to escape the planet?

Space person

Earth Science Virtual Lab

Atmospheric Circulation, Climate, and Biomes: Determine the lab’s location!

Discover the patterns of atmospheric circulation and the role it plays in influencing local climates and biomes worldwide. Then use this knowledge to determine the biome and latitude of the lab! Explore six major biomes using a futuristic holotable and learn about their climatic characteristics, such as air pressure, winds, rainfall, and temperature.

Tricellular Model

Physics and Space Science Virtual Lab

The Gravitational Field: The aliens are coming

Have you ever talked to an alien from a far-away galaxy? In this simulation, you will meet Pondus and help him study Earth's gravity. The mass of his planet is so big that he needs a thrust to escape his gravitational pull. Learn about the gravitational field and acceleration at Earth's surface and in space, and help Pondus understand if Earth is suitable for space travel. 

Gravitational Field

Physics Virtual Lab

The Photoelectric Effect: How Solar Panels Generate Renewable Energy

Explore the photoelectric effect with Albert Einstein! Experiment to test the wave model and discover that light is actually made up of photons. Use this knowledge to set up an efficient solar farm to power the time machine and send him home. 

Albert Einstein

All six simulations: 


Chemistry & Physics

 Earth Science: 

Physics & Space Science: 


Sci-fi isn’t just for escapism. It gets us to reflect on reality: social movements, environmental concerns, ethics, scientific discoveries, and more! Further, students can learn about important scientific concepts that aren’t as otherworldly as aliens and escapes from hostile planets, all while having fun learning along the way.

Which virtual lab would your student enjoy? Or maybe it’s all six! Try these simulations and hundreds more using our 30-day educator’s all-access pass.

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