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What instructors are saying about Labster

December 12, 2022

From teaching methods to student feedback, here’s what our users say about Labster.

Source: Trustpilot


Transformative Teaching Tool

“Labster is a transformative teaching and learning tech tool that is absolutely essential for successful delivery of the brain based learning 5e Model of Instruction for Science courses.”

Gini Ennis

Source: Trustpilot


“We replaced our cobbled-together online labs with Labster, in no small part for the convenience of not having to constantly search for free activities or fix broken links when content gets shifted or disappears. I no longer have to create or adjust ELAB quizzes due to changing/disappearing content. I utilize the built-in simulation questions and overall student performance to give students a grade on the simulations.”

Nadine Kriska

Source: Edtech Impact


“Having Labster has provided ways for students to still collaborate, break out of their comfort zone and still experience science concepts. It has helped some of my students be more willing to move on to real-life lab experiments after having chances to fail and learn from their mistakes online first.

Jonathan Adkins, Biology Teacher at Lake Travis High School, United States of America

Source: G2


“In the classroom, I have noticed increased conversations during lectures about chapter contents and applying what they have learned from the simulations to our course objectives. What a win!”

Melissa F.

Associate Professor

Source: Google


“When I was able to integrate it with my classes, new doors open for collaboration and for and deeper level of understanding.  My students love the simulations and will actually repeat simulations that they want more understanding or review for a quiz/test.  I have built in data tables in their notebooks for data collection and both formative and summative assessments and the scores have improved drastically.”


Source: Community Campus

“Since we started using Labster three years ago, students have provided (unsolicited) positive feedback about how much they enjoy working through the simulations and that it keeps them engaged with the content.”

Nadine Kriska University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Instructional Academic Staff

Source: Community Campus

“Labster has made a huge difference in my classroom.  My students are engaged with both the simulations and when working on the physical labs.  They are confident when working at the lab bench because they had the opportunity to virtually complete the lab first.  Students request additional lab simulations that have not been assigned because the enjoy the simulations.  Assessment scores have also increased and student comprehension is increasing when they resubmit a simulation.”

Yvonne Lavin Rich Township High School Teacher

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