Here’s What College & University Students Say about Labster: 2023 Survey Results

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Here’s What College & University Students Say about Labster: 2023 Survey Results

There’s been a striking decline in Americans' confidence in higher education, as evidenced by a 2023 Gallup Poll showing a fall to 36% from higher percentages in 2015 (57%) and 2018 (48%). As a result, the integration of educational technology like Labster has become a pivotal element in adapting to a post-pandemic educational landscape.

Labster, a leader in providing immersive digital STEM learning experiences, offers an engaging virtual lab platform used by over six million students worldwide. 

Labster's virtual labs are not just engaging; they significantly lower dropout rates and foster equitable learning outcomes, directly addressing major issues faced by higher education institutions, especially in STEM fields.

A comprehensive survey involving 989 college and university students currently using Labster in their course(s) reveals insightful feedback.

Here’s what students are saying about the platform. 

Student Perspectives on Labster:

Enhancing Engagement in STEM Learning:

Educational disengagement is a common challenge. Labster's platform keeps STEM students motivated and helps them stay on course. Students report:

  • “The entertainment of completing each section makes it feel like a game which wants you to keep doing them which in turn allows you to learn more.”
  • “I absolutely love Labster. It helps students like me because it makes the information easier to understand by applying it to engaging scenarios.”

Revolutionizing Learning Beyond Traditional Methods

Labster goes beyond traditional textbooks and videos, offering an interactive learning experience that helps knowledge stick. Students share their experiences:

  • “In most science classes it is boring text reading or McGraw Hill assignments. With Labster I feel like I'm playing a video game, which makes me more engaged and feel like I'm actually retaining the information.”
  • “I'm a visual learner and the simulations make it easier to understand because they break down and explain processes by showing animations of them. Reading a textbook or having the teacher explain a still image/diagram doesn't always help.”

Data shows that Labster’s virtual laboratory simulation improved student understanding and was still perceived to have been useful one year after completion, providing evidence of a longer-term impact of the simulation on student learning.

Reducing Anxiety in Lab Settings:

The stress of in-person labs can be overwhelming. Labster alleviates this anxiety, allowing students to enjoy STEM learning and be free to make mistakes. Student feedback includes:

  • “It helps me engage in a lab setting without the anxiety of being judged or working with real people in an actual lab setting.”
  • “It takes away the stress of an in-person lab, and provides more in-depth information on what I am doing and why things are working the way they are.”

Advantages Over Traditional In-Person Labs

While in-person labs are essential, Labster is an invaluable supplement, especially in large classes or resource-limited situations. Students observe:

  • “They help us to learn better especially when we are in large classes and don't get to do labs individually. Doing labs in groups decreases how interactive we are but, in Labster each student gets to interact individually which helps us to learn better.”
  • “For in-person labs, it can be hard to receive help and get a hold of the professor. However, in Labster I can get help anytime I need which is very helpful coming from someone who struggles with asking for help.”

A research study found that 90% of students agreed that Labster provided opportunities for additional lab practice

Final Thoughts

The feedback from the 989 college and university students in the 2023 survey highlights Labster's transformative role in the evolving educational landscape. Amidst declining confidence in traditional higher education models, Labster emerges not just as a supplementary tool, but as a vital component in redefining STEM learning.

Labster's immersive virtual labs have proven to be more than just a digital interface; they represent a new paradigm in education that aligns with the needs and preferences of today's learners. By offering an engaging, accessible, and anxiety-free learning environment, Labster is not only keeping students motivated but is also ensuring that the essence of STEM education—experimentation, exploration, and discovery—remains intact and accessible to all.

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