Case Studies

Bridging science and technology at The Sapienza University of Rome

Marta Baniukiewicz
Higher Education
Teaching with Labster

Rodolfo Negri is the president of the Bachelor’s course in Bioinformatics – a brand new course at La Sapienza, established four years ago. He first learned about Labster through his colleague. Rodolfo decided to incorporate virtual lab simulations in his teaching to allow for a smoother introduction of scientific concepts to the bioinformatics students, who are already very well-versed in the technological aspects of science. Here, Labster creates a perfect bridge between science and technology. Additionally, science becomes more accessible and enables the students to try and get a deeper understanding of some o the basics of biology. 

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  • Why Labster is an important asset to bioinformatics students even in the post-pandemic world

  • How Labster enables students to perform experiments without the physical constraints of wet labs

  • How you can incorporate Labster in extra credit assignments and boost student engagement