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Teaching Genetics with Labster at Gymnasium Fabritianum

As an Advanced Biology teacher at Gymnasium Fabritianum, Tamara Ehrhardt teaches genetics, everything from protein biosynthesis, molecules chemicals, mutations, PCR, gel electrophoresis and inheritance. And she knows that all of these concepts are challenging for students to grasp. So to help students understand these better, she started using Labster in her teaching. “Labster helped significantly with teaching genetics. It is the very first topic the students have. And usually, in the beginning, it’s difficult to motivate the students because the content is really tough. It’s a lot to learn, lots of jargon and technical terms. But with Labster getting into it was much easier for the students,” she said. 

Download to read more about:

  • How Gymnasium Fabritianum benefited from didactic storytelling and gamification incorporated in Labster simulations

  • How the authentic experience of Labster adds to teaching science

  • How Labster simulations contribute to long-term knowledge assimilation 


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