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Master laboratory techniques and safety protocols in a safe, 3D virtual lab training environment. Learn various lab techniques, train on advanced machinery and equipment and learn to employ best safety practices in our lab safety simulations.

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Labster and Lab Safety

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What are Virtual Labs?

Labster for High School

Virtual Labs are a powerful tool to inspire, engage, and accelerate learning in the high school science classroom.

Labster for High School
Cord Carter Chemistry Lecturer avatar

"Labster is cost effective, it’s easy to use, and you have a better outcome. It’s great when your students tell their friends, ‘hey, you should take this course.”

Cord Carter, Chemistry Lecturer

Fisk University, TN

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Dr. Savvides transforms teaching with virtual labs.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who has the same expertise in-house that Labster has. I haven’t seen anyone else working in the field have this level.”

Dr. Philippos Savvides

Arizona State University

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Sabine Headshot

“Labster allows a dynamic visualization of chemical reactions so that students can practice and better understand these concepts.”

Dr. Sabine Matallana-Surget

Stirling University

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Kasili Headshot

“The virtual labs really help the students become familiar with the material before they engage in the class.”  

Dr. Paul Kasili

Bunker Hill Community College

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"I think all of the teachers are stretched thin, but the nice thing is that having something that's engaging for the students gives teachers that opportunity to breathe and get excited again. Because they're seeing the kids light up, they're seeing the kids engage with content."

Melody McGill

Curriculum Coordinator, Modesto School District, California

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“My kids like to play around, they like to do simulations, and they’re very visual learners. They’re all into video games so if you can bring the aspect of a video game into your class and teach your content that way, you’ve got 'em hooked.”

Shawn Zeringue

Chemistry Teacher, West Ranch High School, CA

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"I would absolutely recommend Labster to other high schools! We’ve had a positive experience using it during remote and hybrid instruction, especially given the increasing number of virtual labs available on the platform.”

Anthony Emmons

STEM Supervisor, Randolph High School, NJ

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"Giving students time in Labster to explore prior to the wet lab is invaluable. I can spend time with everyone because those skills were already practiced the night before with Labster."

Diane Sigales

Biotech Teacher, Livingston High School, NJ

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“Everything just clicks really well. There is clarity and great graphics, and it makes students analyze, think and process. If you’re looking for really in-depth rigor, then I recommend pairing Labster with in-person laboratories.”

Robert Linares

Coordinator, Biomedical Pathways Program, St. John Bosco High School, CA

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Lab Safety

Virtual Labs

Professor Marageret Brady teaches A&P

State College Enhances Learning Outcomes with Virtual Labs

Case Study

"They did the simulation and came to lab, completed it within 30 minutes with no questions, then passed the quiz with flying colors”

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Increase student engagement with interactive online simulations.

Increasing Student Engagement with Virtual Labs


Helen Gadegaard explains how you can use Labster in your science course to increase student engagement.

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Listen to thought leaders on the future of virtual labs in the STEM classroom.

Research on Labster in the Classroom​


Dr. Melody Esfandiari, conducted her own research on virtual labs in the classroom, comparing grades as well as students' self-reported data about their learning experience. You'll hear Melody's findings and find out what surprised her most.

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Discover how to deploy virtual labs

The Educator's Guide to Labster


This guide is designed to help educators teach with virtual labs and the Labster platform, from technical set-up to pedagogical thought-leadership. Get started fast, and discover what you can achieve with science simulations.

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