How to Implement Labster

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Easy to Implement, Easy to Use.

With Labster, educators can start teaching with virtual labs immediately. Choosing the right technology means flexible courseware that is developed with educators in mind. Learn how to implement Labster in your classroom, school, institution or district.

What do my students need to use Labster?

Students can get started right away once they have their login information. Labster is a web-based software that requires no downloads or installs.

  • A web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox
  • A desktop or laptop that meets our basic minimum requirements
  • Login Info

What types of institutions use Labster?

Labster subscriptions are purchased by universities and high schools at the classroom, school, institution, and district levels. Labster is also used for professional training and development in the sciences.

What is included with a Labster subscription?

A Labster subscription provides educators with a suite of learning tools, including:

  • Up to 300+ science simulations
  • Interactive storylines that encourage trial and error
  • Library of 3D animation videos / visual aides
  • Embedded quizzes and learning assessments
  • Automatic grading
  • Teacher dashboards to track student progress
  • LMS Integration (Virtual Learning Environment / VLE)
  • Lab manuals and reports for every simulation
  • Live chat support and teacher training
  • Customer success managers to help out, every step of the way

Integrate with Your LMS

Labster integrates with LMSs (Learning Management Systems, called VLS in some regions) so that educators can post assignments directly to their already existing courses, and so that grades manually sync to the gradebook. Track students’ performance data and ensure students can keep a record of their work.


Labster is compatible with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Google Classroom, Schoology, Sakai, and Brightspace / D2L. It’s also possible to use Labster without an LMS.

Find technical guides on LMS integration:

How much does Labster cost?

Labster pricing depends on the country, course package and number of users licenses included. For specific details, talk to a Labster representative.

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