Announcing New Labster Content – July 2021 Product Update

September 8, 2021

We’re happy to announce the release of new learning resources for your students. There’s something special about every product launch, and this time it’s our growing catalog of new simulations, 3D animated videos, and supplemental resources that are designed for inclusive teaching — appropriate for both high school and university levels and accessible to the WCAG 2.0 Level AA standard. And now, even more of our content is available in multiple languages. 

3 New Full-Length Science Simulations 

 Osmosis: Choose the right solution for an intravenous drip

Osmosis is a foundational concept that is built upon as a learner moves through their biology and chemistry courses. Understanding osmosis is critical to learning later concepts such as cell theory, blood composition, and how the kidneys function. 


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Stereochemistry: From stereocenters to E/Z isomers

Stereochemistry is often taught at the college/university level in introductory and general chemistry courses. One reason our new virtual lab simulation is so helpful is that it helps students visualize how two molecules can share the same empirical formula but can be mirror images of each other and have very different properties. Grasping stereochemistry opens the door to engaging with topics such as reaction kinetics, enzyme function, and molecular synthesis. 


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Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC): Separate a mixture and monitor the progress of a reaction

Thin Layer Chromatography is often one of the first practical labs a student will encounter in organic chemistry courses in the later high school stages of high school and in higher ed. Grasping more complex principles of mixture separation via TLC lays the foundation for even more complex analytical chemistry techniques. 


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16 New Focused, Short-Form Simulations

When time is limited or you want to focus on just one concept or procedure, consider assigning one of these new short-form simulations. Each is adapted from one of the full-length virtual labs in our catalog. These short simulations are designed to suit instructors and students who want to concentrate on mastering a single idea or technique. Check out our focused, short-form simulations in cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, and general chemistry. 

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9 New Science Explainer Videos

If you’re looking for a video to introduce or reinforce your science lab, you don’t need to search through thousands of science videos on Youtube. Labster now has dozens of videos that you can use to help your students visualize science and explain scientific phenomena. Each video relates directly to topics in our simulations. 

You’ll also be glad to know that we’re sharing more information about the ways our 3D animated science videos align with your curriculum. Check out the table below to see which courses and learning levels match best with our newest 3D animated videos. 


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Making Learning Accessible for All Learners

Making science education more accessible is in our DNA. Today, about 50% of our catalog is fully accessible using keyboard navigation and a screen reader.

  • We are committed to developing virtual labs that can be used by all students, including those with hearing impairment, color blindness, or other vision impairments. 
  • We are equally committed to representing learners of all backgrounds and genders through our character diversity. 

As we hear from educators around the world who want to teach with Labster, we’re creating translations of our science simulations. As of today:

  • 40 of our simulations are available in Spanish
  • 20 simulations are available in German
  • 15 simulations are available in French
  • 15 are available in Italian 

What else is new?

Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more coming. 

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