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Our research combines the latest knowledge in educational psychology, cognitive science and machine learning in order to understand how to best design and develop technology for learning and training.

Participate in research studies

Want to try some of our simulations for free and participate in cutting-edge educational psychology research? Choose from the available simulations below and contribute to science! Your input and feedback will help our scientists uncover the mysteries that lie at the interface between technology and learning. These simulations are still beta-versions, so your feedback will also help us in their development.

Fun facts about science

In this simulation you will explore various scientific tools and learn about the most incredible and mind-blowing facts surrounding them.

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Lab Safety

Safety first! In this simulation, you will create a safe and orderly working environment by identifying and eliminating hazards in the lab.

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Bacterial Isolation

Want to learn how to isolate a dangerous bacterial strain? This simulation will introduce you to the basics behind bacterial isolation.

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Labster partners with top research institutions

Labster both participates in and leads a number of large-scale research projects, where we collaborate with various world renowned universities and biotech companies in the pursuit of understanding how to develop better simulations for learning. At Labster, we strongly believe that building successful partnerships between academic and industrial partners is key in having the highest impact in the development of technology tools for learning. Interested in doing research with us? Contact us at

The SIPROS project

Sipros is a USD 6.7 million research project led by Labster, generously funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark. In this project, the objective is to explore virtual reality technology to increase productivity and occupational standards in the biotechnology industry. This project brings together scientists from three Danish universities and involves collaborations from many international universities and biotech companies from around the globe.

Currently, the Sipros research team is carrying out numerous studies to understand how immersive virtual simulations can be designed and applied in learning contexts, with a special emphasis on learning more about Virtual Reality technology. At the same time, we are exploring the use of big data to increase learning effectiveness and consider novel psycho-metrics and psycho-physiology for the measurement of learning and training. We are also working on developing a fully functional virtual reality tool with haptic feedback and on several new simulations to be used in biotech training.


At Labster, we publish our research results in the top-level journals in the fields of educational psychology, learning science and instructional design.

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