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Master the art of designing living systems and regenerating biological tissues with Bioengineering.

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Step into the future of science and explore the evolving innovations in synthetic biology and tissue engineering! Through immersive virtual environments, you'll decode the complexities of designing and modifying biological organisms and explore groundbreaking techniques in tissue regeneration.

From Cells to Systems to Engineering Life

In the Synthetic Biology segment, critically engage with the DNA design and gene editing technologies reshaping our world. In Tissue Engineering, discover how scientists create artificial tissues that mimic natural functions. Immerse yourself in the development of scaffolds, bioreactors, and bio-printing techniques that are revolutionizing the way we think about healing and body restoration.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply the principles of synthetic biology to modify living organisms
  • Describe the processes and applications of tissue engineering in regenerative medicine
  • Evaluate the ethical considerations and societal impacts of engineering biological systems

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Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology

Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering

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