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Introduction to Biology

Embark on an immersive journey with "Introduction to Biology", exploring the foundations of life, the mysteries of cells, genetics, evolution, and ecosystems through dynamic virtual simulations.

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Introduction to Biology
Higher Education
Health Sciences

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This course offers an unparalleled journey from the microscopic building blocks of life to the complex interactions within ecosystems. Engaging virtual simulations bring to life the intricacies of cellular processes, the marvels of genetic inheritance, the forces of evolution shaping life on Earth, and the critical technologies driving biotechnological advancements.

Discovering the Essence of Life
In this comprehensive exploration, you'll start with the basics of scientific investigation, mastering the techniques and mindset critical for any aspiring biologist. The journey continues through the chemistry of life, where molecules form the language of living systems. Examine the microscopic world of cells and the units of life, learning about their structure, function, and the processes that sustain them. Genetics will unravel the threads of DNA that connect us all, offering insights into the code of life and its profound implications for health and disease.

Exploring the Dynamics of Evolution and Ecology
Visit the realms of evolution, where the diversity of life is examined through the lens of natural selection and genetic drift, showcasing the adaptability and resilience of organisms. The diversity of life is celebrated, revealing the forms and structures life takes and the evolutionary paths that have led to such complexity. Finally, the course explores ecology, where the interdependence of life and the environment is central, highlighting the importance of biodiversity and the stewardship of our planet.

Technological Frontiers in Biology
Biotechnology caps off this journey, where the fusion of biology and technology opens new frontiers for innovation. From genetic engineering to the development of new therapies, this unit showcases the cutting-edge of science where biology meets real-world applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Master foundational concepts and techniques in biological science
  • Understand the structure, function, and processes of cells, the basic units of life
  • Explore the genetic basis of inheritance and the role of DNA in life and evolution
  • Grasp the principles of evolution and the diversity of life on Earth
  • Appreciate the complex interactions within ecosystems and the importance of biodiversity
  • Understand the role of biotechnology in advancing scientific knowledge and solving real-world problems

Browse Course Simulations by Unit

Course Units


Scientific Investigation

The Scientific Method

Experimental Design

Chemistry Safety

Chemistry Safety: Hazard symbols

Lab Safety

Solution Preparation: From salt to solution

Heating Curves and Phase Changes: Distil Ethanol

Measurements and Uncertainty

The Carbon Cycle: Reduce carbon emissions

Plate Tectonics: Boundaries and crustal features

The Chemistry of Life

Hydrocarbon Nomenclature and Representations

Carbon Valence, Hybridization and Angles

Properties of Water

Osmosis and Diffusion: Choose the right solution for an intravenous drip

Introduction to Food Macromolecules

Introduction to Protein Synthesis


Cell Structure: Cell theory and internal organelles

Cell Membrane and Transport: Learn how transporters keep cells healthy

Cellular Respiration: Measuring energy consumption during exercise

Electron Transport Chain: A rollercoaster ride that produces energy

Mitosis: Using a toxic compound from the yew tree in cancer therapy

Meiosis: Understand how traits are inherited


DNA: Structure and function

Gene Regulation

Gene Expression Unit: Use sequencing to unveil a gene linked to obesity

Mendelian Inheritance: From genes to traits


Evolution: Founding theories and principles

Evolution: Generations of an allele

Evolution: Journey of the canids

Diversity of Life (Structures)

Bacterial Cell Structures: An introduction to the bacterial cell

Photosynthesis: Electron transport chain

Body Structure and Organization: Help identify a potentially failing organ system


Biomes: Identify and create the main biomes on Earth

Trophic Levels: Grazer vs. predator

Introduction to Biotechnology

Bioinformatics: An introduction

Gel Electrophoresis: Visualize and separate nucleic acids

Polymerase Chain Reaction

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