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Webinar on Flipped Science Teaching (06/14/2018)

Learn how you can use virtual lab simulations as a part of a blended/flipped science course and get tips, recommendations and examples from early adopters and experts Dr. Felicia Vulcu from McMaster University and Cathy Thomas-Varco from Mirrabook Development Trust CIC.

Key Highlights:

  • What is flipped teaching and why is it important for science teachers?
  • How can you get started and what are the benefits?
  • What are the learning outcomes and results of using virtual lab simulations?
  • What do students think about it?

Webinar with Dr. Helen Gadegaard (02/05/2017)

This webinar featured Dr. Helen Gadegaard, Professor in Microbiology at the University of Glasgow. It was hosted by Aaron Knox, Head of Customer Development at Labster. In the webinar, Dr. Gadegaard touches upon topics such as the importance of implementing digital learning into education programs and focusing on students’ intrinsic motivation to improve learning outcomes. She answers questions such as how Labster is relevant in these areas, and how implementing Labster at the University of Glasgow benefitted the learning experience in several ways. Last, she shares the feedback from the students who had the opportunity to use Labster.

Webinar with CTO and Co-Founder Michael Bodekaer (21/03/2017)

Watch our very first webinar with Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bodekaer and learn how Labster’s virtual science laboratories create better learning outcomes for students.