Introducing the New Labster Community Campus for Science Educators

Kristin Blye

The Labster Community Campus is a game-like experience (much like our simulations), developed to entertain and engage educators, no Labster subscription necessary! Whether you’re already a Labster user or still considering if web-based science simulations are right for you, this is your space for developing virtual lab skills, connecting with other science teachers, and gaining thought leadership opportunities; all while earning classroom rewards along the way.

Explore the program's five core values to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Continuous Education

The Community Campus offers several ways to consume product and industry knowledge including:

  • On-demand product training (great for onboarding staff to Labster!)
  • Curated education and edtech news articles to digest and share (all under a 10-minute read)
  • Product updates, new simulation announcements and events

And exclusive to the program, the Labster Academy; a 10-module training course that quizzes members on frequently asked questions and basic Labster functionality. The Academy provides you with enough knowledge to feel comfortable teaching Labster to students and other staff members; giving you the tools and confidence to be a Labster Specialist within your organization and an advocate for the technology.

Community campus challenges

Nurture Inspiration

Ask, connect, share and inspire. Here is where you’ll find real-life experiences, knowledge, and feedback that you won’t get anywhere else. Our discussion forum fosters conversations amongst educators and Labster team members. Whether you want to discover new simulations and features, have technology troubleshooting questions, or want to know how other teachers manage classroom motivation, the Campus provides you with a safe, inclusive space to connect.

“Labster Community Campus is a place where like minded, similar-goaled individuals ‘hang out’ for fun. It is a safe environment where we can learn, ask questions, and grow.” -Christina Griffis, High School Teacher at Putnam Academy of Arts and Sciences

Influence the Future

The Campus is also designed to support professional success in and out of the classroom. Raise your hand to provide feedback to influence future simulations and content, share your personal and relatable experience to help others make informed decisions, and access exclusive opportunities to demonstrate and refine your leadership qualities.

Our dynamic list of thought leadership opportunities is always changing and include:

  • Co-creation and beta testing sessions
  • Contributions to blog posts, white papers and case studies
  • Speaking engagements and panelist openings

Community Campus is one of the best tools we can use to connect and maintain communication with teachers to, among many other things, create and validate content together. It allows teachers to become part of our community, which makes them feel more engaged and interested in collaboration.” Daria Astapova, Labster Co-Creation Manager

A Bit of Friendly Competition

One of Labster's company core values is to have fun. So take a break, earn more points, and well, have fun! This gamified experience is composed of short, entertaining activities to break up the day. It’s not all product announcements and serious news, the Campus is full of relaxed humor, delightful surprises, and maybe some cheesy puns for good measure. As you progress through the activities, you will earn points for your participation and badges of achievement. Like any good game, you’ll also have the opportunity to advance through four championship levels; Lab Assistant, Research Associate, Scientist, and finally Director. For our academically competitive members, the Labster Community Campus leaderboard tracks the members’ accomplishments.

“I am connected to new ideas, as well as being connected to fellow professionals. An occasional free Starbucks is also nice!” -Dr. Marc Behrendt, Professor at Webber International University

Lab assistant

Get Your Gold Star Moment

As a company creating game-based simulations, we live for gamified experiences. It's our very great pleasure to reward acts of advocacy with perks you can use toward your classroom, experiential rewards that warrant bragging rights (want to name a simulation character after yourself?), and unique opportunities you won’t get from any other platform. You’re able to share syllabi and compare student engagement techniques or choose to mentor educators new to virtual labs and science simulations. Our members have said belonging to a community of teachers who are motivated to empower the next generation of scientists to change the world has been completely gratifying.

“The best thing is to learn from your peers.”

So let’s get started!

The Community Campus is free to join and is open to all science educators (no Labster subscription necessary). Once you sign up, remember to bookmark the page so you can easily come back each week for something new.

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