Labster’s New Virtual Lab Manuals and Short Videos Help You Scaffold Virtual Lab Learning

You can start using these flexible learning resources right now 

We’re kicking off 2021 by launching new content that makes Labster even more useful as a teaching and learning tool. Our instructors and students now have immediate access to these new online resources:

  • Lab manuals for each virtual lab in our catalog

  • 3D animated videos describing scientific concepts

  • 3 new virtual lab simulations 

Teachers can access these resources via the Faculty Resources Page. If you’re not yet a Labster customer, please Talk with Us to get set up with access.

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Lab Manuals

Lab manuals help students understand what they will be learning in the lab.  Every lab manual includes a synopsis, learning objectives, lab techniques, and related theory content, often with colorful diagrams. All 160+ Labster simulations have a lab manual available.

You can share lab manuals with students as-is, or customize them to fit your needs.Each manual is available in a Google Doc format which can be easily downloaded as a .pdf or Word document that can be edited. When you’re satisfied with your lab manual, you can easily share a link to it in your syllabus or learning management system (LMS). 

Click here to see the Lab Manual for “Marine Biology”:

Animated Videos 

Designed to help students visualize scientific phenomena, our new short videos explain and demonstrate key scientific concepts from Labster’s virtual labs using 3D animation. 

Each video is a stand-alone resource that you can embed in your LMS or web page just as you would any Youtube video. 

Ranging from 1-5 minutes in duration, you can use these short videos to enhance your students’ learning by introducing them to a topic, reinforcing a previous lecture, or providing a high-level overview to prepare them to play a virtual lab simulation. Each animation has been extracted from a full, existing Labster simulation. 

3 New Virtual Lab Simulations

We’re announcing the launch of three new Organic Chemistry and Biology simulations: 

Final Thoughts

We know you’ll have lots of ideas about how to incorporate these new flexible resources into your curriculum, and we can’t wait to hear about them. Remember:  

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