March 2023 Product Update - New High School Supplements 

Ginelle Testa

We’re happy to announce the release of new learning resources for your high school students. These supplements, in combination with simulations, allow you to scaffold students' learning around key concepts. We wanted to make it easier for teachers by creating these ready-to-use supplemental resources. Otherwise, you may have to either spend time creating your own supplements or even spend money to buy pre-made materials!

We’ve released this set of supplements to accompany key high school-level simulations. The supplements are designed to help enhance the teaching experience and make Labster simulations easier to integrate into your curriculum. The first batch will complement 10 high school-level biology and chemistry simulations.

Here’s what the new supplements include:

Lesson Plan: A complete guide to review the learning objectives of the simulation, standards alignment, and how the simulation and supplements can best fit your lesson 

Introductory Material: Slides with images, videos, and examples to introduce the lesson and get your class’s attention

Vocabulary: Anchor the definitions included in the simulation by asking your students to complete a vocabulary worksheet   

Exit Ticket: Make sure your class gets the essential concepts before the lesson ends. Use the Google Form version to have the questions automatically graded

Student Worksheet: Assess the knowledge by asking the class to apply the concepts learned to the Student Worksheet

The supplements are designed using the 5E Model of Instruction

The 5E Model of Instruction at Labster

  1. Engage/Introductory material: Introduce the topic and get your student’s attention using the engage document.
  2. Explore: Play the simulation and help the class anchor the definitions using the Vocabulary doc
  3. Explain: Use the Lab Manual as a note page to prepare your class for the lab and promote organic discussion
  4. Elaborate: Ask the class to summarize and present the lab using the Lab Report
  5. Evaluate: Assess your class’ comprehension of the new topic before they use the exit ticket and test their knowledge using the doc with the lab Quiz questions and student worksheet.

Virtual labs that include these resources

Biology lab supplements:

Cell Structure: Cell theory and internal organelles

DNA: Structure and function

Introduction to Protein Synthesis

Cell Division (Principles): Mitosis and Meiosis

Chemistry lab supplements:

Atomic Structure (Principles): Atoms and isotopes

Atomic Structure (Principles): Bohr and quantum models

Introduction to Groups of the Periodic Table

Elements and Compounds: Get the oxygen back online!

Intermolecular Forces (Principles): Rediscover the forces to save the world!

Physical and Chemical Properties: Escape the lab!

Access these new resources on the Labster learning platform.

Learn about all the supplemental resources available in your Labster subscription

In addition to these new supplements for high school, most every Labster simulation is accompanied by similar resources like quiz questions, theory pages and lab manuals to maximize the learning experience. Learn more about what's included in your Labster subscription here.

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