What comes with my Labster subscription?

April Ondis

There’s more to Labster than virtual labs. Knowing what comes with your Labster subscription allows you to effectively incorporate this powerful science learning platform into your curriculum. To help you keep track of all the stacked resources included with your Labster subscription, we're breaking down each supplemental teaching tool and how it can be used in conjunction with science simulations and in-person lab work.

1. Animated Science Videos

Labster’s animated science videos, or science explainer videos, are short video clips that explain key virtual lab concepts using 3D animations. Each video can be a great way to introduce a topic and pique your students’ interest before heading into the laboratory or to reinforce learning post-experiment. You can also show the videos in your class to supplement your lectures even if you don’t run the corresponding simulations. Getting your students to watch is easy. Just share a link to each video in your syllabus or learning management system.

2. Theory Pages

Think of theory pages as mini textbooks that help your students understand the science concepts explored in each simulation. Theory pages can be accessed within the simulation or shared as a standalone document. They can be used as the basis for your lecture, as required reading to prepare for a virtual lab session, or as a handy reference during the practical lab.

3. Science Images

When you want to focus on a specific part or process, you may find yourself searching the web or dusting off your drawing skills - but Labster offers a library of science images taken directly from Labster simulations. You can use them to enhance your lecture slides or give students a preview of the virtual lab environment. We've got thousands of images that can be found in the simulations detail page by clicking into any simulation, so you’re sure to find the visuals you need! 

4. Lab Manuals

Lab manuals provide students with essential background information and should be reviewed before entering the virtual lab. Every lab manual features a synopsis, learning objectives, lab techniques, related scientific theory, and detailed illustrations from the Labster simulation. Plus, the documents are editable, so you can customize them to meet your unique lesson and students’ learning needs.

5. Quiz Questions

Labster’s built-in quiz questions help students demonstrate their understanding of the topic at key points during each virtual lab simulation. Learners must answer the questions correctly to advance to the next stage of the simulation. The platform’s quizzes keep your students engaged and the automatic grading of these questions saves you time! In addition, you can download the answer key and text of the quiz questions. You can use these downloads to add, subtract, or change questions so you can make use of them in exams and projects outside of the virtual lab. 

6. Lab Reports

Lab reports are the perfect way to wrap up practical labs, whether they get conducted in the virtual or physical laboratory. Writing them helps students synthesize new information with their existing knowledge and reflect on what they learned. Labster’s lab report template includes five standard questions: synopsis, hypothesis, experimental procedure, results, and conclusions. However, you can customize the lab report template as you see fit.

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And new for High School

In February 2023, Labster announced 5 new supplemental resources for 10 popular High School simulations. These supplements are designed to help enhance the teaching experience and make Labster simulations easier to integrate into your curriculum. Learn more here.

Final Thoughts

Your teaching toolbox is likely even better equipped than you realized! Each of the supplemental teaching tools complements one of the hundreds of virtual science labs at the core of Labster’s science platform and supports your in-person lab activities. Now that you know all that your subscription includes, we’d love to hear about the new ways you are teaching with Labster! 

Download the complete list of resources included in a Labster subscription.

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