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Performing complex scientific techniques with Labster at University College Cork

University College Cork is the first university in Ireland to use Labster on a large scale across both its Colleges of Science, Engineering and Food Science and Medicine and Health. From Microbiology to Introduction to Food Macromolecules, Labster’s simulations have been used across ten different schools and departments, covering science, engineering, medicine, and health. Labster allows teaching scientific techniques that are otherwise troublesome to implement in the wet lab. “Labster serves us well for some of the topics in food chemistry. For example, we use a simulation for the Kjeldahl technique, which is a nasty technique that we don’t let students do hands-on. But now we have a simulation,” said Dr. Therese Uniacke-Lowe. 

Download to read more about:

  • How University College Cork uses Labster as a supplement in their science courses

  • How Labster allows students to perform scientific experiments that are otherwise troublesome to execute in face-to-face teaching

  • The benefits of using short-form simulations in science teaching


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