We saved you a front-row seat to an exclusive conversation between Labster’s CEO and the Associate Dean of the Chamberlain College of Nursing, Chamberlain University.You’ll hear them talk about:

  • Teaching with Labster in-person and online
  • Matching Labster simulations to course objectives
  • Integrating Labster into the Canvas LMS

Labster dramatically improves students’ academic success and supports their persistence in STEM courses. Ninety-six percent of educators who use Labster say that it increases student learning outcomes.

Using a game-based approach to learning, Labster gets students engaged with immersive science course content and builds their confidence as science students - their belief in their own ability to succeed in STEM careers. Students who take courses that use Labster as a teaching tool say that Labster prepares them to conduct experiments in the real world.

Educators typically assign Labster as a pre-lab assignment, a post-lab exercise, and as an alternative to hands-on practical labs in online, hybrid, and face-to-face science courses. Labster virtual labs have been used by private and public universities, high schools, HBCUs, community colleges, and career and technical institutions, including California State University, Eastern Gateway Community College, Fisk, Harvard, Howard, Marion Technical College, MIT, Stanford, and Wilberforce University.

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