Labster is working to build the world’s premier immersive platform for STEM and healthcare education, adding more curriculum coverage, teaching tools, and course building options to help improve student outcomes and make learning more interactive, equitable, and accessible. Find some of our latest 2024 updates below.

New Chemistry Content.

We are pleased to announce new and expanded content for introductory chemistry courses in 2024.

  • New Chemistry simulations, starting with 5 titles on Classifying and Balancing Chemical Reactions
  • Practice activities
  • Improved user experience
  • Shorter & more engaging format
  • Math for Scientists unit planned for later in 2024

New Labster Curriculum.

Labster’s new curriculum allows for easier course planning and syllabus building for faculty and science departments.

  • New Course Packages - curated courses and units to align Labster to higher education and high school curricula
  • Improved web experience to enable seamless content discovery and course building
  • OpenStax alignments for Labster simulations

Other recent and forthcoming Labster updates include more accessible Labster simulations, browser support updates, an improved Canvas LMS integration, as well as highlights from 2023 such as quiz customization and an Administrator Dashboard.  

UbiSim: New Nursing Scenarios and Equipment

For our Ubisim product, we have new immersive VR scenarios featuring more diverse clinical situations and hands-on learning opportunities.

  • Editor upgrades and catalog expansion
  • Gender identity and Alzheimer's disease topics
  • Stigmatized diseases (HIV and Mpox) featured
  • Nasogastric (NG) Tube for all patients 
  • New comfort measures and interventions 
  • Unfolding case studies in debriefing 
  • High fidelity immersion enhancements

Other recent and forthcoming UbiSim updates include competency mapping, data and usage reporting, an upgrade to our web platform, and more.

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