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Student learning assistant in all simulations

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Unlimited student re-plays of simulations

Interactive 3D animations for complex concepts

Storylines to engage students in their learning

Automated save games and check-points

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“Labster helped open the doors to a more inquiry-based style of presenting.” - Dr. Kambiz Hamadani, California State University

“I don’t think there’s anyone who has the same expertise in-house that Labster has. I haven’t seen anyone else working in the field have this level.” - Dr. Philippos Savvides, Arizona State University

“Labster allows a dynamic visualization of chemical reactions so that students can practice and better understand these concepts.” - Dr. Sabine Matallana-Surget, Stirling University

“The virtual labs really help the students become familiar with the material before they engage in the class.” - Dr. Paul Kasili, Bunker Hill Community College

“It’s a great way to understand the concept of biological processes and different laboratory methods as well as to prepare for entering the lab.” - Dr. Pirjo Spuul, Tallinn University of Technology

“Labster can teach my students some of what I can, but it can do so at any time, at any place in a way that supports the diversity that I see in such a very large class.” - Prof. Tom Haffie, Western University

“The virtual labs have proven to stimulate students’ natural curiosity, knowledge retention and outcomes.” - Dr. Brian Harfe, University of Florida

“All collaborators provided positive feedback about the enriched experience that Labster created for their learners.” - Dr. Laurie Harrison, University of Toronto

“Albert Einstein once said: ‘The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.' In my opinion, Labster has managed this task!” - Dr. Carmen Nußbaumer, Management Center Innsbruck

“What I think is the greatest advantage of a virtual lab is that you can do basically anything.” - Dr. Mike Angilletta, Arizona State University

“Personally I look forward to the sessions with Labster, because I see more liveliness and activity than I do in most of my other lessons.” - Dr. Harmony Clayton, Taylors College

“Right from the beginning, I have found the customer service with Labster to be nothing short of outstanding.” - Dr. Joel Yager Humphrey, Cayuga Community College

“I think simulations are going to be a really big part of the future. There’s really no other way to go about it.” - Dr. Suzanna Katz, Staten Island Academy

“Labster is the only virtual set of labs that I know that do a marvelous job with the molecular components of genetics.” - Dr. Marta Frisardi, University of New England

“Within 20-30 minutes, students could evaluate a technique that normally takes hours and is quite boring and dry.” - Dr. Caroline Smith, Westminster University

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