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Introduction to Physics

Unlock the secrets of the universe with our Introduction to Physics course, exploring fundamental laws, from Newton's principles to quantum mechanics, through immersive simulations.

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Introduction to Physics
Higher Education

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Embark on an exciting journey through the fundamental concepts of physics! In this course, you will begin to grasp the core principles that govern our universe. From the basics of measurement and uncertainty to the complex notions of quantum mechanics, prepare to unlock the mysteries of physical laws in a way you've never experienced. 

Foundations of Physics

Explore the bedrock of physical science with our Introduction to Physics course! Begin your adventure with foundational concepts such as measurement and uncertainty, then progress to Newton's laws of motion, exploring their applications in real-world scenarios. Understand the intricate dance of forces, energy, and motion through our immersive virtual environment. Delve into the unseen forces that shape our universe from Newton's law of universal gravitation to Coulomb's law of electric forces. Experience the magic of magnets and the principles of oscillations and waves through hands-on simulations that transcend traditional learning boundaries.

A Leap into the Quantum Realm

Step beyond classical physics and enter the enigmatic realm of quantum mechanics. Unravel the mysteries of atomic theory, explore Schrödinger's atom, and decode quantum numbers through interactive simulations. Witness firsthand the peculiar behavior of elements, isotopes, and the principles governing radioactive decay.

Through Macroscopic and Microscopic Worlds

Journey through the macroscopic and microscopic worlds as you learn about ideal gases, buoyancy, and Archimedes' principle. Understand the cosmic phenomena of fusion and fission and how they power the stars and our universe. Our virtual simulations offer a unique perspective, from the smallest particles to astronomical orbits and Kepler's laws.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply the principles governing the behavior of ideal gases and buoyancy
  • Describe the relationships between pressure, volume, and temperature
  • Understand the concepts of current, resistance, and resistivity and their relevance in various materials
  • Understand wave properties and the basics of oscillatory motion
  • Relate theoretical principles to real-world applications

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