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General Physics II

Step into the interactive world of Electromagnetism, Fluids, and Thermodynamics. Students will build their own electric circuits and experiment with fluids and gases.

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General Physics II
Higher Education

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Uncover the intricacies of fluids, gases, and electrical circuits. This course offers an in-depth look at fundamental physics principles, from Archimedes' principle and ideal gas laws to current, resistance, and circuit analysis basics. Engage in immersive virtual simulations that bring these abstract concepts to life, allowing you to visualize phenomena and apply theoretical knowledge in a hands-on environment. Prepare to hone in on key principles and laws of physics and emerge with a comprehensive understanding and practical skills.

Fluids and Thermodynamics

Investigate the fascinating world of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics! Learn how Archimedes' principle explains buoyancy and why objects float or sink in different fluids. Explore the behavior of gases under various conditions through the ideal gas laws. Our interactive simulations provide a dynamic platform to experiment with these concepts, enhancing your learning experience and deepening your understanding of how they apply to real-world situations.

 Unraveling the Mysteries of Electricity

Illuminate your understanding of electricity and circuits by uncovering the essentials of electric current, resistance, and resistivity, and learn how to analyze both series and parallel circuits effectively. Through our virtual labs, you'll gain hands-on experience in measuring and calculating electrical quantities, enabling you to design and troubleshoot circuits like a pro.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply Archimedes' principle to determine buoyant forces and understand the principles of flotation
  • Describe the relationship between pressure, volume, temperature, and the number of moles in gases, as outlined by the ideal gas laws
  • Relate theoretical principles to real-world applications in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and electrical engineering
  • Understand the concepts of current, resistance, and resistivity and their relevance in various materials
  • Analyze and solve problems involving series and parallel circuits, applying Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's rules

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