Time to complete course: 40 min.

About the Antibodies Virtual Lab Simulation

Even though antibodies are proteins that protect us from harmful intruders, they can sometimes cause problems. In this simulation, you will examine blood samples from a mother and her unborn child, to determine whether or not they are compatible. 

Learn the basics of antibodies

Examine the actual 3D molecular structure of antibodies on the holotable and observe an immersive animation to understand the basics of antibody-antigen interaction and the mechanism that lies behind rhesus incompatibility.  

Perform a blood type test

Follow the steps of an Eldon test to determine what blood groups are found in several patient test samples. Discover what antigens and antibodies have to do with blood type, and learn why mixing certain different blood types together can cause problems. 

Apply your knowledge

In the end, put all this knowledge to the test by performing the Eldon test on the mother and her unborn child and interpret the results. Will you be able to help the young couple and their child?

Get Started Now

Learn about the concepts of antibodies and antigens, as well as the ABO and Rhesus blood grouping systems and their importance in blood transfusions. Then, you will help a young couple determine a potential risk for Rhesus disease in their unborn child.

Techniques In Lab

  • Blood Typing

Learning Objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…

  • Understand the structure and function of antibodies:
    • Different isotypes
    • Different parts of an antibody
  • Understand the formation of antibody-antigen complex:
    • Types of interaction between antibody and antigen
  • Understand the role of different blood types:
    • ABO and rhesus factor
    • Blood typing by using Eldon cards
    • Blood transfusions
    • Rhesus incompatibility and hemolytic disease of a newborn (HDN)

Screenshots of Antibodies Virtual Lab Simulation


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