Aromatic Compound Nomenclature: Naming benzene’s derivatives Virtual Lab

Join Dr.One in our chemistry lab to learn how to recognize aromaticity, master IUPAC and non-systematic nomenclature, and classify compounds as aromatic or non-aromatic. Do you have what it takes to become champion of the chemistry Olympics?

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About This Simulation

Are you ready to dive into the nomenclature of aromatic compounds? In this simulation, you will learn how to relate the concept of aromaticity to the rules of nomenclature while testing your understanding with a series of puzzle-like games. 

Recognizing aromaticity

Your first task will be to recognize whether a compound is aromatic or not. To overcome this challenge, you’ll have to start from observing benzene all the way to understanding the Huckel’s rule. Don’t worry, you’ll be carefully guided through the whole process!

Name the benzene’s derivatives

Next you’ll learn how to give the correct name to the different derivatives of benzene. Nomenclature can be complicated, so you’ll start with monosubstituted derivatives and complete a puzzle-like game to deepen your understanding. Gradually, the difficulty of the puzzle will increase, covering di and trisubstituted compounds, up to the point of building your own molecule with a 3D model. Through visual aids and engaging minigames, you’ll become a master of nomenclature!

Participate in the Chem-lympics

To conclude the experience, you’ll participate in a scored competition against a mysterious chemist. You’ll have to answer questions that cover all the different aspects of aromatic compounds’ nomenclature, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to repeat the experience if needed.Will you be able to gain the title of champion of the chem-lympics?

Explore Aromatic Compound Nomenclature: Naming benzene’s derivatives Virtual Lab Simulation

Huckle game
Nomenclature puzzle

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