Chemistry Safety: Dispose of chemical waste Virtual Lab

Join the lab assistant Marie in clearing up the fume hood after some students left a mess in the lab. Learn how to use your knowledge of the chemicals required for an experiment and apply it to safely dispose of the chemical waste.

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About This Simulation

This short, targeted simulation is adapted from the full-length “Chemistry Safety” simulation.

Are explosions possible if we don’t dispose of chemical waste the right way? The answer is yes. In this simulation, you will learn how to apply your knowledge of the chemicals used in a laboratory experiment to make a decision on the correct waste bins to use, without mixing chemicals that can cause harmful and unexpected reactions!

Analyze the lab workstation

You will learn the skill of assessing the fume hood in order to decide the best way to dispose of the waste, and clean up the workstation. Choose between solvents and waste containers and learn about the consequences of choosing the wrong one. Yes you guessed it, potential side reactions!

Safe laboratory practice

This is why a virtual simulation is so amazing; the cutting-edge technology will allow you to learn without putting you at risk! It is always good practice to implement the safety regulations and correct handling of hazardous chemicals no matter where you are! If you know now and are constantly reminded, you will have all of the knowledge you need to protect yourself and others in the lab by analyzing the risks with the chemicals that are required. Yes you are in a virtual lab but personal protective equipment is a must!

Review your knowledge

Answer quiz questions that challenge the choices you make when it comes to cleaning up the laboratory. Gain relevant knowledge with relevant theory pages about hazards and safety data sheets. Be presented with a scenario where you will be able to informatively decide which one would yield the biggest consequence in terms of waste disposal.

Explore Chemistry Safety: Dispose of chemical waste Virtual Lab Simulation

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