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In this lab, you will learn the basics about Type II diabetes.

About This Simulation

In this lab, you will learn the basics about type II diabetes. You will be trained on how to measure your own blood sugar levels and how to give yourself an insulin shot. You will also learn how to put together a healthy meal plan and how to easily manage your blood sugar levels.



Suzanne Mitchell, MD, Assistant Professor

Family Medicine

Boston University School of Medicine

Learning Objectives

  • Learning about Type II diabetes
  • Understanding how Type II diabetes is diagnosed
  • Understanding the risk factors for Type II diabetes
  • Introduction to the function of insulin in the body
  • Understanding how untreated diabetes affects organ function
  • Learning how to regulate Type II diabetes
  • Learning how and when to measure blood sugar levels using a glucose meter
  • Learning about the effect of insulin and diabetes medication
  • Preparing a syringe with insulin and learning how to inject insulin
  • Learning how a healthy diet and regular exercise helps to regulate Type II diabetes


  • Blood glucose measurement
  • Insulin injection


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