Elements and Compounds: Get the oxygen back online! Virtual Lab

Learn the definitions of elements and compounds and use your new knowledge to get oxygen production back online in a malfunctioning spaceship … before it's too late!

  • High School

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About This Simulation

Watch out for that planet! In this simulation, you will learn how to classify any substance as molecular or monatomic and as an element or a compound. Your spaceship is running low on air, and learning these keywords is the only way you’ll be able to get the ship’s systems unlocked and back online. 

Identify the substances

IYour spaceship’s “scientific lock” means you must prove you are a scientist to access the controls. Today, your topic is classifying substances. You must identify elements and compounds from a line-up of other common substances. Passing this test will show your ability to recognise substances outside of this activity.

Mastering key words Mastering key phrases in chemistry is necessary for good communication in science. But being hunched over a textbook memorizing definitions is not the way to do it! Every learning experience, from learning definitions to building rockets, is best enforced with repetition. In this simulation, you will use the definitions again and again while interacting with a fun, engaging story.

Unlock security access Knowing these definitions back to front won't be enough to succeed in this mission. To pass this test you must apply your knowledge and prove your understanding. Are you up to the challenge?

Explore Elements and Compounds: Get the oxygen back online! Virtual Lab Simulation

Part of the Elements and Compounds opening cutscene.
You'll have to answer all four of the questions to progress.
You'll have to answer the quiz to unlock the door.
You'll have to answer the final questions to avoid crashing into the planet!

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