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Learn how to edit the genome of Escherichia coli in order to enhance the beta-carotene metabolic pathway that was previously inserted.

About the MAGE Virtual Simulation Lab

Multiplex automated genome engineering (MAGE) is a recombinant engineering tool for large-scale programming and accelerated evolution of cells. Before MAGE was introduced by George Church, scientists would painstakingly edit one gene at a time, examine the phenotype changes, and start the whole process again. MAGE is fast and efficient, cheap, and highly scalable. In addition, it allows researchers to edit specific or random sites in the genome and it also operates continuously in vivo. MAGE’s main limitation on the other hand lies on its portability. It has been exclusively used in E.coli so far.

In the Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE) lab, you will learn how to edit the genome of Escherichia coli in order to enhance the beta-carotene metabolic pathway that was previously inserted. You will design the oligos according to the technique requirements, perform different MAGE cycles, and screen the resulting clones. Will you be able to enhance the beta-carotene metabolic pathway to increase its production in E. coli?

Techniques In Lab

  • MAGE
  • Bacteria plating
  • Electroporation

Learning Objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…

  • Understand the concept of the MAGE technique
  • Understand the requirements to be met when designing oligos for MAGE
  • Understand which proteins, enzymes, and plasmids are involved in MAGE
  • Perform MAGE cycles
  • Understand the molecular mechanism of MAGE

Screenshots of MAGE Virtual Simulation Lab


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