Physical and Chemical Changes: Escape the hostile planet! Virtual Lab

Learn about physical and chemical changes in science by trying to help a scientist escape a dangerous planet.

  • High School

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About This Simulation

Become the master of both physical and chemical transformations to help a stranded scientist escape a hostile planet. In this simulation, you will learn how to classify a transformation as physical or chemical. Apply this knowledge by diving deep into some interesting examples of both changes — and prove yourself as a scientist!

Get out of there alive!

All around you are transformations that are physical or chemical, but you’ve never had to know the difference. Now your life depends on it. Identifying if a change is physical or chemical is the key to survival. Armed with the basic knowledge you must take a deep dive into some interesting examples as you look for ways to escape a dangerous planet. Riding an interstellar slingshot, making fireballs in the stratosphere, crafting your own rocket fuel … is there anything you can’t do with your new science knowledge!?

Classify the transformations

Stumbling into an abandoned research facility has its advantages: it's brimming with a variety of equipment. Although physical and chemical changes happen all around us, the most exciting ones are often hard to set up in a classroom. But if you’ve always wanted to burn liquid hydrogen to launch a rocket, this simulation is for you!

Prepare to launch

Making the fuel for your spacecraft won't be easy. Launching into space requires both physical and chemical changes and you will need to understand both to get to safety. Are you up to the challenge?

Explore Physical and Chemical Changes: Escape the hostile planet! Virtual Lab Simulation

The start of your adventure
Your first challenge, the scientific puzzle lock
Exploring methods to launch!
Investigate flammable gasses in an explosive way!

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