8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Labster 30-Day Free Trial

Ginelle Testa

Looking to try out Labster? Try running an experiment with our 30-Day Free Trial! Labster’s simulations help science come to life through a highly immersive platform. Students step into an authentic lab experience right from their computer, and make your life as an instructor easier. Here are the steps you can take to make the most of your Free Trial.

1. Access our large ecosystem of content

Our platform offers 250+ lab simulations across 20 different scientific disciplines and there is no limit to what you can access during your free trial. Feel free to play around in the simulations, theory pages, and videos before you identify which ones you’d like to invite students to.

2. Easily integrate Labster into your course

Perhaps you’re a Chemistry teacher getting ready to engage with your students about ionic and covalent bonds. Identify the relevant simulation (we’ve got one for that!) and easily integrate it into what you had already planned on teaching. Labster can be used to reinforce classroom learning and supplement wet lab experiences. Research shows that students learn twice as much when traditional lectures are supplemented with Labster labs.

3. Become familiar with the teacher dashboard

Play around in your teacher dashboards before inviting students. Get to know the various sections such as grading, outcomes, and question banks. The intuitive nature of the dashboards will ultimately make your life as an instructor a whole lot easier.

4. Teach your students on the platform

Once you’ve begun your free trial, you have 30 days to engage students on the platform. Invite your students to the virtual simulations and get them connected to gamified learning. Students can jump right in and help you decide if Labster is for you. Students will be key in providing feedback on their experience.

5. Take advantage of automatic grading

Labster tallies student’s scores and sends them over to you, relieving you of the job of grading! The platform integrates seamlessly to your LMS platform, making grading much easier. From the LMS course, grades will be sent automatically, once students complete a simulation. As a result of saving time on grading, you can focus more on other aspects of your job, such as 1:1 student engagement.

6. Ease your ESL students’ learning

Labster has 100+ simulations available in Italian, French, Spanish, and German in addition to English. Make the simulations more accessible for your ESL student by enabling them to access the content in their native language!

7. Enhance your wet lab experience

Perhaps you have wet labs planned for student engagement on a particular topic. Labster supplements these experiences by allowing students to learn the content ahead of time or reinforce what they’ve already learned. In a case study, Dr. Papaioannou at the College of London was able to maximize lab time and increase test scores overall by using Labster. He prepared students with practice experience prior to setting foot in the lab.

8. Reach out to Labster

We have an extensive Help Center to assist in answering your questions as they may come up about grades and dashboards as well as troubleshooting. If you need further help, we also have a Chatbot and a live team to assist you. In addition to our extensive help center, you will have a Labster salesperson who is dedicated to answering your questions and supporting your free trial experience. When you login to Labster, you’ll be able to send a message to your salesperson. Please reach out to them to answer any questions you may have!

Get started by using Labster for 30 days now!

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