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Is Labster in your future? Now there’s no need to wait. Start browsing our catalog of 300+ simulations today to find content that matches your syllabus and learning objectives. 

  • Save Prep Time: With early access to Labster, you can explore and select the simulations that best fit your syllabus in advance so can focus on designing your course in advance. No more having to rush before the term begins. 

  • Engage the Tiktok Generation: Labster interactive simulations are both fun and rigorous, exactly what Gen Z students need to stay focused and on task. Assign it for homework, and your students will start coming to class and lab prepared for next-level learning. 

  • It’s a Win-Win: Automatic grading gives students instant feedback and gives instructors time back in their day to do what matters most. Sit back and watch as grades climb up while you spend less and less time giving long lectures and making slides.

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