About Labster

Kyle Gingras

Team Lead, Customer Success Management

Kyle’s favorite part about working for Labster/UbiSim is that he loves supporting the company's mission to ensure that every student has access to high-quality science education. What’s important to him when working with clients is building trust, open lines of communication, supporting clients to make educators' jobs easier, and driving student engagement.

A fun fact about Kyle is when he’s not working he enjoys golfing with friends during the spring, summer, and fall. During the winter you can catch him at a local ski mountain most weekends.

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Deliver a Learning Advantage For All Students

Enhance Learning Outcomes

Virtual labs empower STEM programs to boost test scores and prepare students for long-term academic success.
Drive student success

Increase Student Retention

Use active learning to support student motivation, improve test scores, and reduce attrition.
Help students persist

Boost Student Engagement

Labster provides a stimulating, 3D learning experience that increases student interest and heightens focus.
Build student confidence

Maximize Budget

Virtual labs offer creative ways to maximize resources, expand courses, and enhance program sustainability.
Balance STEM costs

Support Career Readiness

Enhance students’ academic success, build their self confidence, and increase their interest in STEM careers.
Nurture a career focus

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