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General Physics I

Join the immersive journey through the world of Physics, mastering foundational concepts like forces, energy, and wave dynamics through cutting-edge virtual simulations.

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General Physics I
Higher Education

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Discover the physics universe and unravel the mysteries of motion, energy, and gravitation! In this course, you'll explore fundamental physics concepts comprehensively, from the basics of scalars and vectors to the complexities of gravitational fields and satellite orbits. Our virtual simulations provide a unique, interactive learning environment where you can apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, enhancing your understanding and retention of crucial physics principles.

Foundations of Motion and Energy

Master the core principles that govern the physical world! This General Physics 1 course introduces the fundamental concepts of forces, motion, and energy. Through engaging virtual simulations, you'll visualize and analyze the effects of different forces on objects, understand the distinction between scalars and vectors, and apply Newton's laws of motion to predict the outcome of dynamic situations. Experience the thrill of virtual experimentation and gain a deeper appreciation for the work-energy theorem and the conservation of energy.

Gravitation and Oscillations

Dive into the depths of gravitational fields, understanding the universal law of gravitation and its implications for satellite orbits and planetary motion, guided by Kepler's laws. Our simulations allow you to visualize gravitational fields and understand the concept of gravitational potential in a way that textbooks alone cannot provide. Explore the intriguing world of oscillations and waves, learning about simple harmonic motion and the properties of progressive and sound waves in a virtual, interactive setting.

Understanding Materials and Equilibrium

Grasp the fundamentals of material properties and static equilibrium through practical, hands-on learning experiences. Discover how to calculate stress and strain, and understand Young's modulus within the context of real-world applications. The virtual labs offer an unparalleled opportunity to apply these concepts in simulated experiments, enhancing your comprehension and analytical skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between scalar and vector quantities and apply scalar and vector products
  • Explain gravitational fields, and gravitational potential, and apply Newton's law of gravitation
  • Explain gravitational fields, and gravitational potential, and apply Newton's law of gravitation
  • Describe satellite orbits and apply Kepler's laws of planetary motion
  • Analyze static equilibrium and calculate stress, strain, and Young's modulus
  • Understand the principles of simple harmonic motion and the characteristics of progressive and sound waves

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