The Bromine Test For Unsaturated Bonds: An essential in the chemist’s toolbelt!

Assist Chemical engineers in crisis as you help them use the correct chemicals in their reactions. Discover the reactions of bromine and unsaturated bonds and put this to use by conducting the bromine test.

  • High School
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About This Simulation

The chemical engineers are in crisis and they need your help! In this simulation you will learn how to perform the bromine test and put your skills to the test identifying mystery chemicals.

Identifying unsaturated bonds with bromine. In this lab we will investigate the reaction of bromine with unsaturated bonds. Dive down the microscope and explore the reaction on a molecular level. Put your skills to the test in experimental mode and help chemists identify their mislabeled solutions.

A safe experiment sandbox. In this simulation you’ll be working with some harmful substances. We’ll be practicing lab safety but don't worry about messing up. With the reset button you can tidy away your lab station with a click of your mouse. Hopefully by making mistakes in this environment you wont make them in a real lab! Perform the bromine test.

After being taken through the experiment once, the pipette is in your hands. In the final test you will perform the bromine test in the free-play experiment mode. In the end the decision rests in your hands, will you be able to identify the chemicals?

Explore The Bromine Test For Unsaturated Bonds: An essential in the chemist’s toolbelt! Virtual Lab Simulation

Order the reaction steps
Perform the bromine test
Shake the test tubes
Observe the reaction mechanism

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