Genetically Engineered Machine

Genetically Engineered Machine
Time to complete course: 45 min.

About the Genetically Engineered Machine Virtual Lab Simulation

The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is a worldwide synthetic biology competition that was initially aimed at undergraduate university students, but has since expanded to include divisions for high school students, entrepreneurs, and community laboratories, as well as ‘overgraduates’.

In the Genetically Engineered Machine lab, you will join an iGEM team to design a biosensor that can sense biofilm forming bacteria. You will combine two BioBrick parts and transform bacteria with the gene construct. Will you be able to create a novel synthetic organism that can be used as a biosensor?

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Join an iGEM team to design a biosensor that can sense biofilm forming bacteria.

Techniques In Lab

  • 3A-Assembly
  • Heat shock transformation
  • Antibiotics selection
  • Restriction digest
  • Ligation

Learning Objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…

  • Plan your iGEM project together with your team
  • Understand how BioBricks can be assembled using restriction enzymes
  • Understand how to transform a gene construct into bacteria cells
  • Experiment with different restriction enzymes and clone a new device

Screenshots of Genetically Engineered Machine Virtual Lab Simulation


Kirsten Jensen, PhD

Kirsten Jensen, PhD

Project Manager
SynbiCITE, Imperial College London
Ke Yan Wen, PhD student

Ke Yan Wen, PhD student

Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation
Imperial College London

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