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Light and Polarization

In the Light and Polarization simulation, a photographer needs new lenses to take photos in places with lots of sunlight and light reflections. Will he be able to capture the magnificent scenery of Antarctica with his camera?

About This Simulation

Light is everywhere around us. It helps us see and keeps us warm. Light is a collection of photons that behave both like particles and waves. In this Light and Polarization simulation, you will learn how to use polarized lenses and assist a photographer with capturing the beauty of wildlife in a hostile environment. You will meet Einstein and he will give you an introduction to the theory of light. You will get the chance to understand how everyday objects produce unseen waves of various frequencies and wavelengths that define the electromagnetic spectrum. You will set up your own optical table with a laser, mirrors and glasses and become an expert in reflection and refraction! Will the photographer be able to capture the magnificent scenery of Antarctica with his camera in the end?



Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the wave/particle duality of light
  • Learning the basic properties of electromagnetic waves
  • Defining the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Understanding the reflection of light
  • Understanding the refraction of light
  • Understanding linear polarization
  • Getting to know Einstein


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