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High School Physics

Begin your journey into the world of physics in this engaging high school course. From classical mechanics to electricity and magnetism, students will become masters of key physics concepts.

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High School Physics
High School

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In this course, embark on an adventurous journey through the fascinating world of physics! You will explore a wide range of topics, from the basics of measurement and uncertainty to the complexities of atomic models and fusion. Engage with interactive virtual simulations that bring theoretical concepts to life, enabling you to apply and experiment with physics principles in a virtual environment. Gain a solid foundation in physics while enjoying an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Fundamentals of Mechanics

Explore the principles of mechanics and motion in this foundational section of High School Physics. Understand the significance of vectors, scalars, and Newton's laws of motion through hands-on virtual experiments. Learn how to construct and analyze force body diagrams, delve into the concepts of mass and weight, and apply the principles of energy conservation in various scenarios. Through our virtual labs, develop a practical understanding of these concepts, enhancing your problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.

Fields, Forces, and Energy

Engage with the invisible forces that shape our universe in this intriguing module. Unravel the mysteries of gravitational and electric fields by applying Newton's Universal Law of gravitation and Coulomb's Law. Master the concepts of potential, kinetic, and mechanical energy through interactive simulations. This section offers a unique opportunity to visualize and manipulate abstract physical concepts, deepening your understanding and appreciation of the forces and energies that govern the physical world.

Waves, Optics, and Modern Physics

Investigate the fascinating phenomena of waves and light, and step into the realm of modern physics. Understand the principles of simple harmonic motion, examine the behavior of waves in different media, and explore the laws of reflection and refraction. Delve into the modern understanding of physics through studies on atomic models, the photoelectric effect, and emission and absorption spectra. Our virtual simulations provide a supportive environment to explore and experiment with these advanced topics, making complex concepts accessible and understandable.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental principles of classical mechanics
  • Describe the fundamentals of electric and magnetic forces and design simple circuits
  • Understand the properties of waves, including light and sound
  • Describe atomic models, especially relating to spectra, nuclear phenomena, and radioactivity

Browse Course Simulations by Unit

Course Units


Introduction to High School Physics

Measurements and Uncertainty

Vectors and Scalars: Guide two astronauts on a mission to Mars

Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's First Law of Motion: Balanced and unbalanced forces

Newton's Second Law of Motion: Speed and Acceleration

Forces and Free-body Diagrams: Learn how to navigate a drone

Newton's First Law of Motion: Balanced and unbalanced forces

Momentum Principles

Collisions: Elastic and inelastic forces

Gravity (Principles)

The Gravitational Field: The aliens are coming

Newton's Law of Gravitation: Mathematical expression of gravitational force

Kepler's laws: Explore the orbits of other worlds


Conservation of Energy (Principles): Unleash the roller coaster's potential

Electricity and Magnetism

Coulomb's Law: Electrifying electrostatics

Basic Electricity: Understand how electricity works

Electrical Resistance: Apply Ohm's law to simple circuits

Magnetic Fields

Oscillations and Waves

Springs and Masses (Principles): Learn how to detect and record earthquakes

What are waves?


Electromagnetic Spectrum (Principles): Uses and dangers of electromagnetic waves

Wave Model of Light (Principles): Use reflection and refraction to take photos

Sound (Principles)

Propagation of Sound: Help a rock star tune their guitar!

Quantum Physics

Atomic Structure (Principles): Atoms and isotopes

The Photoelectric Effect: How Solar Panels Generate Renewable Energy

Atomic Structure (Principles): Bohr and quantum models

Nuclear Physics (Principles)

Atomic Structure (Principles): Atoms and isotopes

Introduction to Radioactive Decay

Fission: Discover a powerful energy source

Fusion: The Future of Energy

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