Acids and Bases (Principles): Avoid falling in a lake of acid! Virtual Lab

In a futuristic lab, you will get help from a robot assistant to determine the acidity of a lake of acid found on an exoplanet. You will learn how to quantify the acidity and alkalinity of substances.

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About This Simulation

This is the principles (high school) version of the simulation. For a more advanced version please see: “Acids and Bases”.

Watch out! You have discovered a lake on an exoplanet - but is it acidic or basic? You will surely know by the end of this one! You’ll have the chance to experiment with strong acids and bases to figure out how to reach a “neutral” pH.

If this simulation seems too “basic” for you, don’t worry as you’ll have the chance to deal with acids, too. In this simulation, you will learn about pH and pOH by mixing substances to reach a certain pH and sort various liquids by acidity.

What is the acidity of water?

Have Dr. One guide you as you learn the different definitions of acids and bases and gain hands-on experience experimenting with different solutions. Recreate the pH from skin lotions using only acids and bases and precision pouring techniques.

Return to the exoplanet

In the Acids and Bases (Principles) simulation, you are taken back to the exoplanet Astakos IV by accident. Here, you will collect a sample from a highly acidic lake. Your mission is to compare the sample with everyday solutions found at home, in the kitchen or in your classroom.

The pH of foods

You will briefly dive into the effects of eating certain foods. How will different acidic or basic foods affect your blood pH? And how do they compare in pH to other types of food?

Explore Acids and Bases (Principles): Avoid falling in a lake of acid! Virtual Lab Simulation

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