Building Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cell Walls

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes bacteria divided into Gram groups? Do they have special barcodes or tiny identifiers at their surface? Let's find out together!

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About This Simulation

This short, targeted simulation is adapted from the full-length “The Gram Stain: Identify and differentiate bacteria” simulation.

Did you know that there are approximately 5 million-trillion-trillion bacteria in the world? Most of them are harmless, some are the cause of serious diseases, but all of them are either Gram positive or Gram negative bacteria. In this simulation, you will explore the structure of bacterial cell walls and learn how to recognise them.    

Explore cell wall structures

Discover different structures that build up both types of cell walls and familiarize yourself with their functions. What are the real differences between Gram positive and negative bacteria?

Build your own 3D models

Compare and contrast the cell wall of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Play around at the holotable and see if you can replicate the structure of both groups. Test your knowledge on their structures by building your very own bacterial 3D models on the hologram table. Will you be the next Gram and discover a completely new group of bacteria?

Explore Building Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cell Walls Virtual Lab Simulation

Building Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cell Walls - Screenshot 1
Building Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cell Walls - Screenshot 2
Building Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cell Walls - Screenshot 3
Building Gram Positive and Gram Negative Cell Walls - Screenshot 4

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