Exploring a Distillation Apparatus Virtual Lab

Get ready to dive deep into the process of distillation, by inspecting a simple benchtop distillation system and exploring all its parts on your own. Will you be able to relate the part of the distillation apparatus to their functions?

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About This Simulation

This short, targeted simulation is adapted from the full-length “Matter and Phase Changes: Distil ethanol” simulation.

From a liquid to a gas and back into a liquid… distillation is pretty exciting, right? In this simulation, you will be diving into the exciting laboratory apparatus used for simple distillation. Learn about the exciting process of distillation and how it works in relation to all of the system setup. Discover how it can be beneficial in your lab experiments. It’s amazing how you can explore the distillation apparatus without actually having to set it up yourself. It is one of the many benefits of our high-tech virtual lab!

Explore the apparatus

Get a closer look into the distillation apparatus by studying the setup of the distillation system and learning about the purpose of each laboratory instrument including glassware such as the distilling flask, collection flask, and condenser, temperature measurement through a heating mantle and thermometer, and finally the vacuum apparatus. Learn about the basic principle of distillation and what type of mixtures you can apply this simple distillation technique to. 

Test your knowledge

At the end of the simulation, you will put your newly acquired knowledge to the test! Use your knowledge and virtual lab experience with the distillation system to answer questions about the function of the equipment and glassware. The theory behind distillation Review what you have learned about the distillation process in terms of the changes from the sample, in the beginning, all the way through to the end at the sample collection step. Improve your learning by learning the extra key bits of information through our amazing theory pages.

Explore Exploring a Distillation Apparatus Virtual Lab Simulation

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