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Marine Biology

Solve the massive fish kill mystery by collecting and analyzing fish and water samples. Perform fish necropsy and spectrophotometric analysis to collect clues for solving the mystery.

About This Simulation

You begin the investigation of a massive fish kill by collecting water and fish samples. After taking the sample from the field you have to go back to the lab and perform the necropsy of the fish. If you are a good observer the dissection will give you important information about the cause of the death. What would it be your hypothesis?

You need more information to test your hypothesis, so you will use UV-spectrophotometry to analyze the dissolved oxygen in the water sample. Were you right? Would you be able to solve the mystery of the massive fish kill?



Learning Objectives

  • Understanding basic concepts of sample collection
  • Performing fish necropsy and learn the information you can get from this kind of approach
  • Learning the concepts of trophic levels, trophic pyramids and the energy flow in an ecosystem
  • Learning the difference between heterotroph and autotroph organisms
  • Analyzing the level of dissolved oxygen level in your water sample using a spectrophotometer
  • Learning the concepts of calibration curve, linear regression and extrapolation


  • Sampling
  • Spectrophotometry
  • Fish necropsy/dissection

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