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Unearth the intricacies of ecosystems in our Ecology course; study environmental impacts, species interactions, and ecological dynamics.

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Explore the dynamics of the living world in this Ecology course. Discover the underlying principles of population growth and the factors that regulate populations in natural settings. Discover organisms' behaviors and strategies to regulate their temperature, the diversity of life across biomes, and the complex interactions between species. Visualize and analyze complex ecological interactions such as food webs, trophic levels, and the cycles of nutrients. This course offers a deep dive into the factors shaping our environment and the roles different organisms play within it. 

Understanding Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Jump into the fundamentals of ecology, focusing on biodiversity and the varied biomes that make up our planet. Learn about the importance of ecological niches and the competition between species that drives evolution. Our virtual labs allow you to observe and experiment with these concepts in an interactive environment, enhancing engagement and understanding of the core concepts.

Ecological Processes and Human Impact

Examine the delicate balance of ecosystem dynamics and human influences on the environment. Understand the critical cycles that sustain life, and see the consequences of eutrophication and thermal pollution firsthand. Investigate the environmental impacts of coal power plants and other human activities, gaining insights into the importance of sustainable living.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply concepts of behavioral thermoregulation and foraging theory
  • Analyze interactions between species, including competition and food web dynamics
  • Evaluate the impacts of human activities on ecosystems, including pollution and habitat destruction

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