Basic Electricity: Understand how electricity works

Help the scientists get electricity back in their lab by understanding how electricity works.

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Electricity? We are surrounded by it! In this simulation, you will learn the very basics of electricity. What is the difference between charge, current, and voltage? How do we know what light bulb or battery do we need to use? You will find it all in this simulation, plus, you will be able to see the effects of different components in your circuit!

Get the lights back on in the lab

By understanding how electricity works, you will be able to create a circuit to restore the power supply to the lab and allow the scientists to keep working! Sometimes turning on the lights is not as easy as just pressing a switch. Help the scientists by providing a temporary solution while the lights are repaired.

Build the circuit

You will be able to build a circuit, and see how different voltages and currents will have different outcomes. What difference would it make to use a 20 volts battery or a 6 volts battery? Will a light bulb be able to work with both of them? You will discover it in this simulation.

Visualize the electricity and control it

You will be able to slow things down and see how electricity behaves, build your circuit and see the effects of adding different components. Will you be capable of bringing the lights back to the lab?

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Help the scientists get electricity back in their lab by understanding how electricity works.

Techniques in lab
Circuit Building
Learning objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to...

  • Define the concepts of charge, voltage, current, and their units
  • Describe the flow of current and electrons in a circuit
  • Define the essential components of a basic electric circuit
  • Build a functional basic electric circuit
  • Apply the principles of charge and energy conservation to a basic circuit
Simulation features

Length: 16
Accessibility mode: Available
Languages: English (United States)




Physics 5.1

Physics 5.3

5.1 – Electric fields


Physics 1 Unit 8.3

Physics 1 Unit 8.1

Physics 1 Unit 9.1

Physics 1 Unit 8.2