Competition: Learn to identify and quantify competition between species

Time to complete course: 30 min.

About the Competition Virtual Lab Simulation

Competition. we are so used to that word nowadays, but what does it mean in ecology? In this simulation, you will learn how to identify and quantify competition between species on the newly discovered exoplanet Astakos IV.

Improve the yield of crops

You are on Astakos IV, the newly discovered exoplanet. The farmers on this planet have started to grow a newly discovered type of crop called Whean. But for some reason, the farmers are producing much less Whean than expected. Your task is to help out the farmers on Astakos IV find out why this is, and to improve their yield to ensure a sustainable source of food for the population.

Identify and quantify competition

Your next task will be to identify whether there is competition between species or not, and if there is, how it can be quantified. You will work in the Whean fields on the farms and in the new, amazing greenhouse on the planet. In real life, you would have needed months to make the plants grow, but in these virtual facilities, you will be able to quantify the competition between species in a matter of minutes!

Test your hypothesis

Last, you will test your experiment design skills in a number of different missions, and you will learn how to use de Wit replacement series to further analyze the competition between different species.

Will you be able to help out the farmers on Astakos IV to increase the yield of their crops?

Get Started Now

Help the residents in Astakos IV to increase the yield of their crops by reducing the competition between different species.

Techniques In Lab

  • de Wit replacement series

Learning Objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be able to…

  • Identify competition between species and quantify the strength of competition between two species
  • Establish evidence of competition in an agricultural environment

Screenshots of Competition Virtual Lab Simulation


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